If you're one of the 77.5 Million American's with
High Blood Pressure...
Do You Know How to Get (And Keep) Your
Blood Pressure Under Control?

Test your knowledge and save your life!

It's shocking... but one in three adults in the U.S. has high blood pressure. That's a whopping 77.5 Million people! You might even be one of them. And many people suffering with high blood pressure have no clue what's keeping it high... and neither do their doctors.

Easy Health Options® created this urgent health quiz to test your blood pressure knowledge…and spread awareness of this often silent killer. Take a moment to take the quiz. When you're done we'll send you the answers plus, some helpful blood pressure lowering tips. And you never know—the answers just might surprise you... and even save your life!

1) Dizziness and headache is a sure sign you have high blood pressure?

2) Lowering your blood pressure is as simple as getting a prescription from your doctor?

3) Traffic jams, missed deadlines and day-to-day stress only cause a temporary rise in blood pressure?

4) Intense and frequent exercise will help keep you from having high blood pressure?

5) The only way to control your blood pressure is to maintain a strict low calorie diet?

6) What is your biggest health concern?

7) What is your age range?

8) Are you male or female?

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